Finding Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Your car insurance might not actually cover you for what you think it does. That’s right – most states

cheapest full coverage auto insurance

Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance

only mandate a certain level of insurance that helps pay for repairs and injury if you collide with another car. What the really means is, your standard car insurance might have gaps. That’s where full coverage auto insurance comes in. Making sure you have full coverage car insurance is the best way to protect your investment and yourself! In this article we’ll talk about how to find the cheapest full coverage car insurance available and why you should probably buy it.

What is full coverage auto insurance?

If your standard plan has gaps in coverage it could mean that you aren’t covered for any damage in incidents that don’t involve another vehicle. Like driving into a tree or lamppost.

You might also lack cover for vehicle theft or weather damage, as well as being involved in a collision with anĀ 

full coverage auto insurance

animal. While cutting costs can be tempting – do you really want to risk not having coverage for these sorts of incidents?

Many car-owners are hesitant to commit to full coverage because of the cost – but there are plenty of cheap full coverage auto insurance plans available.

A lot of standard car insurance plans don’t even cover you for vehicle theft or fire. If you’ve got an expensive car – you could be risking a lot by not having full coverage auto insurance, especially if you live in an area with a lot of car crime or extreme weather conditions.

How much does full coverage auto insurance cost?

If you’re looking for the cheapest full coverage auto insurance – you’re in the right place. The full cost really depends on where you live, with a range of costs from state to state, or even depending on your zip-code. Thankfully – our useful zip-code tool will tell you exactly how much you need to set aside for full coverage auto insurance in a simple and easy process.

Here’s an example of how much costs vary from state to state: A full coverage premium in California can cost around $90 per month, while similar coverage in New Jersey comes in at around $156. There are a number of reasons for this range in price – but you can see how your location can make a big difference. Somewhere like Ohio has some of the cheapest full coverage auto insurance plans – at around $60 per month.

Adding full coverage to your normal plan could cost around $50 extra a month (again, depending on where you live). While this might not seem cheap, it gives you added protection for a range of different incidents. And above all – peace of mind.

Where can you get the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?

cheap full coverage car insurance

cheap full coverage car insurance

While your location plays a big part in how much full coverage is likely to cost – so does the provider. You can see a huge difference in quotes from similar insurers covering similar areas. To try and find the best deals, simply do a quick comparison and type in your car make and zip-code into a comparison tool to get the best quotes for you.

Who needs full coverage car insurance?

If you’ve got a cheap, old car that you don’t really care about – full coverage might be something you’d like to risk going without. However, for those who’ve got a car that means anything to them (either financially or otherwise) – it could be argued that full coverage is a must.

People with new or expensive cars are the main candidates for full coverage. It’s also a good idea to get full coverage if you drive often and in heavy traffic – as you’ll be more likely to have an accident in the long-term.

Some other factors that determine whether you’re a candidate for cheap coverage auto insurance rely on where you live and the sorts of dangers that might be present to your car. For example, if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of extreme weather like hurricanes or earthquakes – you might want to make sure your car is covered. If you’re in a high-crime area with lots of vehicle theft – that could be another factor in deciding to get full coverage.

Obviously, there’d be no point paying $600 more a year for full coverage if your car is only worth $2,000. But if you’re car is worth $20,000 – that’s a different matter.

How can you find out the cheapest full auto car insurance deals available?

Simply enter your car and zip-code into the tool on this site, and we’ll scour the internet to find the best full coverage plans in your area. It’s quick and easy, and it’ll save you time and money in the long-run.